4 Technical Winter Staples You Can Surprisingly Wear Every Day

Although Punxsutawney Phil claimed spring was just around the corner, we're having a hard time thinking warmer thoughts. Snow seems to be on the forecast every other day, and hitting the slopes is one of the only practical activities to participate in outdoors. For ski- and snowboard-lovers (or those who simply appreciate the crisp outdoors), conditions outside couldn't be better. What's happening indoors, though — particularly in your closet — is another story.
The downside to a blizzard-plagued winter is that the weather seems to require its own specific wardrobe. And those technical pieces that save you on the mountain can feel like they're doing nothing but taking up space in your closet the rest of the time. Fortunately, ski pants, jackets, and other layers have become shockingly more flattering in recent years. So if you're still picturing fluorescent Michelin Man-style gear, you (and your collection) are due for a refresh.
These days, performance wear can go from ski lift to fireside in no time. And these down-filled, fleece-lined pieces and cozy layers can actually come in handy when it comes to making your trendier items actually work for frigid temps. Ahead, we've compiled four looks that help you seamlessly integrate these tricky space-takers into your everyday wear. Snow bunnies, this one's for you.