14 Outrageous Bucket List Trips You Need To Take

Which destination ranks highest on your travel bucket list? Maybe it’s the swank French Riviera, or the ancient ruins of Cambodia and Peru, or the maze-like urban landscapes of Tokyo and Istanbul. There’s your dream itinerary — and then there are the everyday realities that keep you from hopping on a plane tomorrow.
We know: When you live in New York City, satisfying your wanderlust can feel like an unimaginable splurge — mentally, physically, and financially; a recent StreetEasy study showed that the average New Yorker devotes 60% of his or her income to (you guessed it) rent. And if budget isn't what's standing between you and two weeks in Sri Lanka, it's probably the unfathomable idea of two weeks completely off the grid — no email, no meetings, no nothing.
But don't pack away your passport just yet; if you explore enough options, it can be surprisingly doable to plot a course for an unreal vacation. To help, we’ve sourced advice — not from travel experts, but from 14 New York women who have taken the leap themselves; women who have maneuvered the obstacles city life has thrown their way to take that retreat of a lifetime. Take their tips, revel in their stories, and keep mindfulness maven Elizabeth Gilbert's words in mind: “People say they can't afford to travel. But if you circle a date on your calendar and make that your single, greatest priority, I guarantee you that you can.”