This Is The Easiest DIY Flower Crown EVER

Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Everyone seems to have an opinion on flower crowns. The Internet loves to discuss such questions as: Are they 'in' or 'out' this year? Can you wear them to an outdoor music festival? What about to a wedding or bridal shower?
Let's stop for a moment and put these questions to rest: Yes, you can still wear a flower crown to a music festival or a bridal shower. In fact, you can wear a flower crown anywhere you damn well please! Because, quite frankly, they're beautiful — and they make you feel like a total badass goddess. Which is probably why folks have been sporting them since long before the Internet was born. (We're talking thousands of years here, people.)
However, there is one caveat: They're so much better when they're real. Fortunately, you can make a gorgeous, fresh-flower crown for just about the same price as a fake one — and, it's actually really easy! For an expert lesson on the craft, we tapped Jasmin Larian, founder of CultGaia. She's the mastermind behind the L.A. brand's amazing floral crowns, cool turbands, and other dope head gear. Larian has been making crowns for years, and she has it down to a super simple science.
Click ahead for the easiest (and prettiest) flower-crown tutorial you've ever seen.
This story was originally published on April 8, 2015.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 1: Gather The Goods
Here's what you'll need:

- Two or three types of flowers, trimmed into 3-inch pieces (Try micro daisies, yellow pom poms, and purple statice for a similar crown to ours.)

- One or two types of filler, like aster flower or baby’s breath, trimmed into 3-inch pieces*

- A pliable, twine-covered wire, like Oasis Wire

- Floral wire

- Floral tape

- Plain twine or ribbon

- Garden shears or sharp scissors

*To save a few bucks and a trip to the florist, you can buy a grocery-store bouquet that features both buds and fillers!
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 2: Cut The Pliable Twine
Wrap the pliable twine around your head to determine the length necessary for the crown. It should be about 2 feet, but don't worry, it doesn't have to be exact. Trim the piece of twine using sharp scissors or pruning shears.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 3: Get Loopy
Make a loop on each side of the pliable twine. The goal is to create a circle on each side, so you can adjust the crown to fit perfectly.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 4: Twist That Twine
Twist the pliable twine into a firm loop by wrapping it around itself three or four times. Once you have loops on both sides, set it aside.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 5: Pick Your Perennials
Now, it's time to group and tape your flowers! Create your first cluster by picking one of each type of flower and filler. Position the pieces in your hand to create an arrangement that's beautiful from all sides.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 6: Get Taping
To secure your cluster, simply cut a 5- to 6-inch piece of floral tape and wrap it around the stems of the flowers. Start from the base of the flowers and wrap the tape downward to the ends for a super secure finish.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 7: Admire Your Cute Mini Arrangement
Instagrams of your progress are allowed.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 8: Get Busy
Keep creating clusters until you have seven or eight.

Tip: Notice that all of the bunches are a little different. Feel free to create different combinations and add varying amounts of flowers and fillers for a unique finish.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 9: Get Wrapped Up
Pick up your pliable twine from step 3, and hold it next to an already-taped flower cluster. Now, wrap a single piece of floral wire around the base of the flowers and the pliable twine.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 10: Keep It Tight
Keep wrapping until the flower bunch feels secure. You should use about 1/3 of the wire on this first bunch, but it's okay if you use more to make sure it's totally secure.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 11: Add Another Bunch
Grab another mini bouquet and lay it along the pliable twine in the same direction, being sure not to leave a space between the bunches. Continue wrapping the floral wire from the first bunch around the second cluster until it feels secure, too.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 12: Keep Adding...
Keep affixing the clusters to the pliable twine until you reach the end. Add new strands of floral wire as you need them; we used three strands of floral wire total.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 13: Grab Your Plain Twine
Cut a piece of the plain twine or ribbon — about 2 feet will work.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 14: String It Through
Thread the plain twine or ribbon through the two loops and tie into a bow. This will allow you to fit the crown on your head and adjust as needed.
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Photographed by Hailley Howard.
Step 15: Admire Your Work...
...because you killed it on this DIY!

Lexy is wearing LVX's Nail Polish in d'Orsay.
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