How To End Passive-Aggressive Laundry Fights — According To An Expert

Illustration by Louisa Cannell
Let's talk about laundry: No matter your wash-and-dry situation, getting it done is a pain in the ass. Simply trying to reload on clean underwear for the week can become a breeding ground for heated disputes and confusion.
From fighting with rowdy college students over the shared dorm basement's appliances to dropping our lace thongs in front of strangers at the corner laundromat, doing laundry is yet another item on our list of dreaded adulting to-dos. The task can feel like a western standoff where anything goes and only the merciless finish first. Dryers get hogged, wash loads left a second too long get hauled off, and there's lint and liquid detergent everywhere.
To put an end to this madness, we decided to consult an expert to help us unlock the unofficial code of communal laundry. Yes, we're ready to air our dirty laundry in the most literal sense. Ahead, Lizzie Post, co-host of the Awesome Etiquette podcast, answers our most pressing questions about how to handle dirty clothes in a public space. So the next time you feel like throwing your neighbor's wet towels out the window, check yourself with the following guide.

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