7 Hump-Day Tricks, Courtesy Of R29's Busiest People

Illustrated by Tania Lili.
It dawned on us recently that Bon Jovi may have really been onto something. Though we spent years belting out "Livin' On A Prayer" as part of our Friday-night playlist, we realize now that we had it all wrong: The '80s tune isn't the soundtrack to your junior year of college — it's the unofficial anthem to Wednesdays as a grownup.
You see, Wednesday is the official midpoint between that Monday-morning buzz and the very different buzz you plan on getting Friday at 5 p.m. You're halfway there — just like Bon Jovi says. Yet, come Wednesday afternoon, you get a serious case of the "But, I don't feel like it"s. So, we tapped some of our very own staff for the ways they stay productive — and awake — at their desks through the work week. Ahead, seven R29ers share their Hump-Day tricks. You'll make it, we swear.

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