How To Apply Every Kind Of Eyeshadow

When we think of our morning makeup routine, there's that one item we just can't leave the house without: Maybe it's a swipe of mascara. Maybe it's a signature lip shade. Maybe it's a quick sweep of bronzer. But eyeshadow isn't always at the top of our must-wear list.
The thing about eyeshadow, with all its colors and formulas, is that while it can be transformative, it can also be intimidating: When should you use pressed shadows versus loose pigments? Does cream create the same effect as a powder? Are all applicators and brushes created equal?
To become pros at all things eyeshadow, we realized that we had to start with the basics. So we tapped Troy Surratt, celebrity makeup artist (he works with female powerhouses like Charlize Theron and Uma Thurman), R29 Beauty Innovator of the Year, and the brainchild behind Surratt Beauty, to answer all our questions.
Breaking it down by type and with the perfect tools for each, Surratt gives us the 411 on how to seamlessly integrate eyeshadow into any makeup routine in the slideshow, ahead.