Everything You Need To Know About Monolid Makeup

It's a strange feeling to grow up wishing you had different eyes. As a beauty-obsessed Asian-American with eyelids that fall somewhere between monolids and double lids, I've seen countless images of models and actresses sporting beautiful eye makeup that I've wanted to re-create. The difference between those women and myself were their double eyelids and fully formed creases — two things I do not have.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the terms monolid and double lid, I'll explain. Monolids — or, more technically, "epicanthic folds" — are a type of eye shape in which the lids cover the inner corners of the eyes, creating a "crease-less" effect. Those with double lids, on the other hand, have a crease that causes their lids to "double" over itself. Traditionally, double eyelids have been the beauty standard in much of the Eastern and Western worlds. Well, we at R29 think that's bullshit.
It wasn't until YouTube and Instagram became hubs for makeup enthusiasts that I finally realized my eyes aren't ugly. For years, I mimicked looks that didn't suit my eye shape. I needed to figure out how to make my makeup work for me. Once I learned how to enhance my features, I realized that monolids are actually an endless playground of opportunity. Professional makeup artist Ricky Wilson thinks so, too. He gave me a few tips on how to master monolid makeup.
Check 'em out in the following slides.

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