The Best YouTube Tutorials For Monolid Makeup

Growing up with monolids can be a confusing experience. Most of the models and celebrities we see in the media have what many call double eyelids, or eyelids that have visible creases. Makeup looks and tutorials for double-eyelid gals don't always work for those with single lids. I've had so many friends over the years who felt like they couldn't wear eye makeup because they didn't know the right application techniques for their monolids — it's easy to think that double eyelids are the coveted beauty standard.
For those of you who aren't familiar, monolids, mono eyelids, or more technically, epicanthic folds, are all terms used to describe eyelids that cover the inner corners of the eyes, creating a “crease-less” effect. They're usually associated with people of Asian descent, but the trait can be seen in many Europeans and Africans as well.
Monolids are absolutely gorgeous, and with the extra lid space they present the opportunity to experiment with a host of different looks. And, guess what? There are many monolid makeup tutorials out there, and we've gathered up a few of our favorites to show you.
Check 'em out ahead. But, keep in mind that everyone is different. What works for your friend may not work for you. That's why, like with all things beauty, it's all about enhancing what you've got and figuring out a foolproof method that works for you.

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