How To Wear One Dress To Every Holiday Party

The sheer amount of festivities that pop up around the holiday season can make anyone feel exhausted, especially our poor closets. There's only so many dressy outfits we can scramble together before we're left wondering if a sweater and black pants are an acceptable combination for a semi-formal affair. If we had to come up with a new head-to-toe look for every event, whether it be a secret Santa gathering or a family dinner, our wallets would basically go on strike. Dressing up for the season should be fun and a chance to play with formal trends! You shouldn't feel the need to rent a runway closet to feel accomplished. Which is why we're betting that if you play it right, you can actually make a single dress work for every single event.
The key is going for something simple and form fitting in a versatile shade. Enter the slip dress, which you can find virtually anywhere these days. No longer a boudoir item, they are available in every fabric, color, and size; it's versatility makes it the ideal blank canvas for styling a multitude of ways.
To spark some inspiration, we've but together five different looks for five different holiday affairs that all feature the same little slip dress. While we love the affordable red Jeanie Dress from Aritzia, feel free to shop around for one that's right for you. Now you can RSVP to every event this year because your outfits are now taken care of.

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