Peek Inside Our Nail Polish Process With Color Club’s Exclusive R29 Collection

We don't want to be some boastful Bonnies, but we have to say: Refinery29 was right there at the start of the nail art craze. In fact, having fun, creative and DIY nails might be a part of our mantra. So when we decided to produce our own Holiday Reserve collection, we had one no-duh requirement: holiday-friendly, but year-long-ready nail colors. For our "Winter Warrior" nail set, we knew exactly where to go — no one got our obsession with shimmers, sheers, neons and chromatics like NYC's very own Color Club. When Color Club, Team Reserve, and our top-notch beauty editor Megan sat down to pick the colors, we had quite the challenge. What six hues were seasonal, festive, bright and reflective of our readers?
After serious debate and experimentation, we are positively psyched on our Winter Warrior collection. From the eye-popping Punch-Drunk Red to the pearl of the season, Snow Pixie, our six-part polish package has it all. (We even created stained glass-inspired nail art using just our collection!) And we caught up with Color Club's Kendra Boccelli to find out the story behind these six must-have shades. pinwheel

Ok, what is exciting about each color and why? Did any present a challenge for you?
"Each color reminds me of the best of the holiday season — from the most festive holiday party and the prettiest New Year's Eve party dress to making snow angels!"

Which one is your personal favorite? Which one do you think will be the most popular?
"I personally love Happy Hunter and I also think this will be a very popular hue. It's the perfect deep green!" happy-hunter-nails
What do each of these colors have in common?
"While these colors were created specifically for the holiday season, they can be worn throughout the winter months. They have just the right amount of sparkle and shimmer to work for the holidays but they will also get you through the winter in style." swan-lake-nails
What colors do you think are going to make a big splash for Spring 2012?
"Nudes. I think we are going to see a lot of great nudes for Spring 2012." wine-cooler-nails
We’ve got to ask: How do nail polish companies choose those amazing nail polish names? How do you do it?
"It's the best part of our job! When it comes to naming our polishes, we are inspired by fashion, the seasons, or whatever may catch our fancy at the time. For example, one of our most popular collections, our neon Poptastic collection, was inspired by the '50's and '60's. Think Warhol, Twiggy, Bell Bottoms and Studio 54."
What is the one nail color out there that you personally love, and why? "I personally love green nail polish — I don't want to say green is the new black, but it's like black, without being black. It's the perfect winter neutral. I am wearing it now!" snow-pixie-nails
When you sat down to create Winter Warrior set with R29, what was on your moodboard for inspiration? Any songs? Movies? Books? "The moodboard for inspiration was the holiday season. I can't say there was one song in particular or movie, but let's say the moodboard was from Thanksgiving to the New Year!" purple-nails
What is more important to you? A killer manicure or a killer pedicure? Or neither? "It depends on the season. For the winter, a manicure! It's easier to hide your toes in the winter! In the summer, it's all about the pedicure." wall-hands