20 Designer Gifts Worth The Splurge

If you, like us, eat cereal for dinner at least once a week and consider taking your laundry out a "splurge," you probably think you can't afford designer gifts for your friends or family. But most high-end brands low-key offer smaller, more justifiable giftables as soon as November rolls around.
While we're not suggesting you have to get everyone on your list a little taste of Louis Vuitton, there are probably one or two people in your life who deserve something really, really special this year — whether your sister had an especially tough 2017 (didn't we all!), or you just want to show your mom how much she means to you. And if you get smart about saving, you might be surprised by what special items you can scoop up from the luxury names you never dreamt of being able to buy.
Click on to scope out the designer gifts you may actually be able to afford without going on a Cup Noodle-only diet. Here's to at least feeling like a big spender this holiday season.
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