The Best Holiday Pieces To Combat Mercury In Retrograde

ICYMI, the final Mercury retrograde of the year hits December 3 through 23. Deep breaths, people — just because there's a little celestial chaos brewing doesn't mean you and your fam are in for a wild holiday season. In fact, with some meticulous pre-planning and thoughtful gifting, you can get ahead of the weird energy and circumvent it all. Our first line of defense? A no-fail wardrobe stocked with fiery pieces that come with confidence-boosting capabilities to block out even the most trying times. Think bright-red teddy coats, punk plaid pants, shimmer-heeled ankle boots, and more just-in-the-knick-of-time holiday releases from H&M you can gift yourself and the whole squad. With stylish armor like this, Mercury in retrograde will be nothing more than a hair flip.