Attention Shoppers! We Caught You In The Act This Weekend

Someone once gave us the financial advice that shopping isn't a hobby or a pastime; it's not something you should wake up and do, say, every single weekend. Luckily, we found a loophole: fairs and markets. Yes, take for example, the LES' Hester Street Fair. A vendor haven in lower Manhattan chock-full of specialty eats and vintage and boutique shops.
See, the way we look at it is that we can't help it if we walk down the street and happen to run into a road paved in funky necklaces and snow cones. No, that's not shopping, that's just...traveling. So, we randomly walked by the fair, which just so happened to be celebrating its opening weekend, and then spontaneously surveyed our fellow shoppers New Yorkers. Check them out, ahead.