Heidi Merrick's New Shorts Have Us Longing For Spring

After a polar vortex, winter storm Janus, and nail-bitingly low temps, how could we even begin to think about summer clothes, right? (Especially since we’ve seemingly spent the last, well, forever drowning in every layer imaginable.) Well, Heidi Merrick’s making it pretty hard not to. The L.A.-based designer just debuted her crazy-hot spring '14 collection, which means our countdown to beach-perfect temps commences this very minute.
The line’s chock-full of flowy frocks, billowing maxis, adorable crop-tops, and, most noteworthy, a slew of perfect shorts at just about every length. Click through to peep vegan-leather, knee-length bermudas; shorter structured, rainbow silk beauties; even shorter luxe, track-like stunners; and the ultimate short shorts, a pair of white (almost diaper-esque) bloomers. Yes, they're a thing. And, yes, we’ll be wearing them when it ultimately hits triple digits. So, if you, too, are ready to float away into a warm-weather dream, we'll keep this short and sweet (literally): Click ahead to browse and pre-order these summertime must-buys.

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