Which U.S. States Wear The Highest High Heels?

Whether you’re talking about a preference for cowboy boots or pointy ankle booties, black cocktail dresses or glittery "going out" tops, regional wardrobe trends throughout the United States are a wildly eclectic bunch. There’s no question that where you live affects your outfit in some surprisingly specific ways — and, turns out, location can even influence the height of your stilettos.
Gilt recently conducted a nationwide survey ranking heel height trends across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and found some unpredictable results. For example, the residents of Maine, Kansas, and Nebraska tend to like little-to-no heels, whereas Californians, North Dakotans, and Arizonians prefer at least a 2 ¼-inch lift. And, in a move that would definitely disappoint Carrie Bradshaw, New Yorkers tends to keep their pumps at a sensible 2.09 inches (far more effective for walking those long city avenues). As for the highest heels? Those bragging rights go to Florida, Puerto Rico, Arkansas, Nevada, and Connecticut, who regularly go for shoes close to 3 inches. More power to you, ladies.
Head over to Gilt to see how your state ranks on the stiletto spectrum. Whether you let the results influence your next vacation wardrobe, well, that’s up to you. (Gilt)

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