What The Cast Of Girls' Underwear Says About Its Characters

With a show on HBO and some heavy-hitter producers behind you, it's silly to think that anything that happened on Girls was unintentional...right down to their skivvies. "We think of it as character underwear…These are young characters who gravitate towards modern silhouettes and fabrics and fun colors. The girls are budget conscious so we are very much guided by these characters who are young and live in an overpriced world," said the show's costume designer Jenn Rogien to WWD, who plans out each cast's wardrobe from raggedy bralette to vintage muumuu.
Thanks to Jenn, we're actually seeing fairly realistic representations of 20-something underwear — and despite what many print ads would like you to think, girls are more likely to be wearing color-blocked mix-and-match sets from Urban Outfitters instead of 'hand-wash"-only torsolettes from Agent Provocateur. Jenn offers a breakdown of the cast's underwear preferences (and our intro-to-psych take on what it says):
Hannah (Lena Dunham): "Hannah is definitely into cotton underwear. She wears cotton underwear with a classic fit [like Hanes, Jockey, GapBody]....We consciously release her bra straps to make a soft bralette....She doesn’t wear matching sets." Personality in five words: Insecure but making it work.
Marnie (Allison Williams): “I would describe Marnie as sleek. She’s into Calvin Klein and DKNY underwear." Personality in five words: 20-going-on-30 sophisticate.
Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet): "She’s not style conscious but she is a New York girl and wears Victoria’s Secret. Her color palette is a little softer in pinks, robin’s-egg blue, and teals to keep her girly and feminine." Personality in five words: A n00b with self-respect.
Jessa (Jemima Kirke): For her, undergarments are her accessories. She wears Cosabella in great colors and unconstructed shapes." Personality in five words: Lost free spirit (with cash).
Budding (and actual) psychologists — how'd we do? (WWD)
Photo: Courtesy of HBO

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