Is This The Sexiest Sack Dress Ever?

In addition to culottes and flatforms, "sack dresses" are very polarizing fashion items. It’s not a silhouette for everyone; while some might revel in its breezy shape, others find it as appealing as slipping into a paper bag. Both perspectives are valid. We're among those who always appreciate a boxy silhouette — and certainly doen't mind clothing that doesn't cling. That said, we're convinced that Hatch Collection’s newest rendition of the sack dress will appeal to everyone. It's the sexiest version of a sack dress we’ve seen, and it might just change the naysayers’ minds.

While The Cape Dress, a piece from Hatch's new spring ’15 line, is essentially an oversized maxi, it’s especially appealing because of its romantic, off-the-shoulder top and tied-belt waist. The simple, drawstring cinch instantly creates an hourglass shape, regardless of whether you naturally have one. Furthermore, thanks to the belted bit, the fabric also creates an amazing cape that will gently catch the wind.

The most appealing part of this elegant dress is that it is so roomy. Hatch's entire collection is geared toward silhouettes that work for all women — whether or not you're well into your third trimester. And, in doing so, the brand may have finally provided a sack dress for those who hate the sack dress. Let us know if you're convinced.

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