Your Daily ‘WTF’: Peter Brant II Is Sad Obama Makes Him Poor

We know that Peter Brant II (never Jr.) son of publishing magnate Peter Brant Sr. and supermodel Stephanie Seymour, has no qualms about being firmly entrenched in the 1%. We've documented his unabashed chattering about buying yachts, jet-setting, and caring for his pet horses — plus, his new status as a young and beautiful gay persona — but have always been suspicious of that very polished silver spoon he is so proud of having in his mouth. And maybe now we know why.
Last night, when texting with fellow rich kid Andrew Warren, Peter made a few cracks that, with the re-election of Barack Obama, they are now, in fact, "poor." In what can only be a mark of incredibly great taste, Peter suggested to Andrew that his contingency plan includes presidential assassination, and then when Andrew consoled Peter by offering, "Atleast (sic) women have rights...OH wait I don't care." Then the two laughed, and laughed, and laaaaughed. How funny.
Peter and his younger brother Harry love being as un-PC as possible, going overboard to be unapologetic about their opinions and garish lifestyle. And, to be honest, plenty of us say off-color things to our good friends when no one is looking (is it so bad that some of us just don't get the Electoral College?), but to post it on an open Instagram feed for the entire world to see, criticize, take out of context, and then blog about isn't exactly the stuff made of MENSA candidates. Hrm, maybe Harry is our favorite brother, anyway. Oh wait we don't care. Hahaha exactly. (Jezebel)
Photo: Via Instagram/PeterBrantii