Inside The Soho Love Nest Of NYC's Cutest Power Couple

It's nearly impossible to attend a party without running into It couple Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis (we're going to take credit for setting them up, FYI). This DJ power duo is not only down to Earth and gorgeous, but they also happen to be devastatingly stylish (Fallis is Vogue's official DJ).
And, given that they just shacked up together in a sun-soaked Soho duplex, we invited ourselves over for an exclusive photo-op—chock-full of aww-worthy moments—to find out just how these guys make their on-the-go relationship work. Trust us, the sartorial inspiration doesn't end at their joint wardrobe—they've also got one thing that Manhattanite dreams are made of—yep, that would be a garden. Oh, and we're giving you the grand tour of the whole space. And don't worry, we've got the scoop on their love connection, too. We quizzed them on everything from their most romantic moments to their top-played songs… and then attempted to move in. You know what they say, R29 makes three!
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What are the best and worst parts about living together? Any habits you love or can't stand?
Brendan: "The best parts about living together are just spending time together, cooking, hanging out, and having friends over. Hannah is a little messy with leaving out clothes and beauty products, but everyone has something to work on!" Hannah: "The best part of living together is definitely getting to wake up to him every morning. Brendan is pretty anal when it comes to my beauty products and where they go because I have so many! He has a drawer filled with his and I know he wishes I had just one drawer as well!"

Hannah wears a Theory sweater, vintage Jean Paul Gaultier skirt, and Stuart Weitzman boots. Brendan wears Diesel Black Gold jeans.
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What are your favorite date spots in the neighborhood?
Brendan: "Cafe Select and Torrisi Italian Specialties."
Hannah: "I love a nice happy hour at Lure for oysters."
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How would each of you describe your personal style? Does this translate in your home decor?
Brendan: "My style would be pretty classic with a few modern accents. I wish my home decor was the same, but my home decor skills are lacking as of now — I'm working on making that change."
Hannah: "I'd say my style is pretty eclectic and modern. I think that translates into our home a bit with knick-knacks and deer heads. Pair that with a bit of modern and art deco things, and voilå!"
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How do you balance decorating for masculine and feminine styles? Who has more say in the decor?
Brendan: "We are both pretty equal, and I don't think it's leaning either way at this point."
Hannah: "Brendan wanted to put gnomes in the garden, I shut that down."
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What are you always stocking up on this season?
Brendan: "Waiola coconut water......seems to be piling up day after day! Besides that, it seems you can never have enough candles."
Hannah: "We have a good amount of Patrón Silver in the freezer — it goes quickly, as we always have people over."
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Hannah stacks her wrists with Sidney Garber bracelets.
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You guys both DJ, often together — do you have different taste in music? What are your top three most-played songs in the house?
Brendan: "We actually share a library of music, so even though we DJ together, we play different songs all the time but share a very similar taste which is nice. Top three songs today would be: Trinidad James, 'All Gold Everything;' Burns, 'Lies (Acrobat Remix);' Latch featuring Sam Smith, 'Disclosure.'"
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Where do you shop for the home? Anything you're dying to get?
Brendan: "We get lots of staples from Amazon, odd things from eBay, and recently ABC Home in search of some new big items, namely a sofa.
Hannah: "Our friend Simon is building us a few awesome wood pieces, like a wine rack that will go over the counter, and an extension to our counter top. I also love Michelle Varian on Howard Street."
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How do you balance home life with the traveling act of DJ'ing? Any advice for couples on the go?
Brendan: "Keep in touch and know that when one of you is traveling, it allows more time to catch up with your friends and focus on other work. It helps to make it reasonable that the other one is gone."
Hannah: "I'm lucky that I have great friends, my family lives in New York, and work is going really well. When Brendan is gone I keep myself busy and enjoy trashy TV. It's great that we can FaceTime whenever, so we are never too far away from one another."

Hannah wears a Fendi skirt and top with Cole Haan shoes.
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Hannah shows off her Cole Haan oxfords.
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What's your secret for keeping the romance alive after moving in together?
Brendan: "No secret, just continuing to find new things to do with Hannah and appreciate about her. As long as I'm not sweating the small stuff, it all works out in the end."
Hannah: "Honestly we just keep it fun, always — we aren't that complicated and share the same expectations."
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What's the sweetest thing Brendan's ever done for you, Hannah, and vice versa?
Brendan: "Hannah once surprised me with a night at a great hotel in the city. Even though I was on the road for months before, it was so nice to feel that we had a vacation night in our own town, not to mention that every bell and whistle was brought out."
Hannah: "For my birthday this year he woke me up with caviar, scrambled eggs, and mimosas in bed."
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Brendan: "We told Hannah's nephew that this deer was running and ran through the wall and got stuck. He still believes this to be true."
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Do you guys share clothes? If so what?
Brendan: "Not so much. I think we have a sweater that we share on occasion, but that's about it."
Hannah: "I love wearing his sweatshirts, but other than that we don't share clothes — but we love to shop."
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What is your favorite outfit that the other person wears? What is one item you wish they'd chuck?
Brendan: "Nice question. I like when Hannah wears all black with a leather jacket and some heels. It's pretty rare for her to go the high-class rock route, but it always gets me. As far as chuck, if you had only been around a month ago when I spearheaded six garbage bags of clothes/shoes/bags to be tossed/donated."
Hannah: "We're in a pretty good place currently. I love Brendan in swim trunks. But, his holiday look is great too: black pants, black boots, black button-up and a burgundy velvet blazer."
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Brendan, what is it like DJing for Vogue and then Theophilius London, kind of different worlds?
"It's two very different worlds. For Theophilus it is very to the book as it's a live show. Not a lot of creativity from my end, but always amazingly exciting and adrenaline driven. For Vogue and other fashion events, it's more creative with what I get to play, but it's not quite as exciting as playing for 10,000 people, but more up my alley for networking."

Hannah wears a vintage sweater, JBrand jeans, and Rag and Bone booties. Brendan wears Uniqlo jeans and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes..
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Brandon: "This chalkboard wall is home to the most obscene things our house sees. It seems as though all our friends have quite distasteful minds when it comes down to it. That, or alcohol really tends to bring them out."
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Hannah, what is the best thing about starting a tech company?
"Creating a product that people will actually need, want, and love."
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Describe the perfect night together.
Brendan: "Great wine, fresh food to cook, and currently an episode of Homeland...(guilty pleasure)."
Hannah: "Ditto, B! I'd add some popcorn (skinny pop) with melted coconut oil, chili flakes, sea salt, and a bit of parm!"
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Do you get along with each other's parents? Any intimidation factor there?
Brendan: "Yes, we all get along favorably."
Hannah: "They all recently met and had a dance party in the basement of Acme — seriously."

Brendan wears vinage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.
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Brendan and Hannah goof off in their backyard (lucky!).

Brendan tops off his look with a Stussy x Canadian Sweater Company vest, and Hannah puts on a Mischa Lampert hat.
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Brendan: "The yard is definitely the most stand out feature of our home. It will be the host of a small garden next spring, but it currently plays host to my sad and failing lawn project. It's tough to maintain as I travel so much."

Hannah: "Lucky for me I will be shoveling this winter while Brendan travels to Germany!"
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How will you be spending the holidays this year?
Brendan: "Between Florida, New York, and an undetermined New Years location as of now."
Hannah: "I'm guessing we will be in Whistler or the Bahamas."

Hannah wears rag & bone shoes.
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Any upcoming projects we can look forward to from you guys?
Brendan: "We have one together, it's in the works..."

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