Yes, You Can Afford The Hamptons — Here’s The Trick

As much fun as it is prepping our fall wardrobe (leather skirts! Topcoats! Lace-up booties!), we can't help but daydream about summer. The lobster rolls, the ocean breeze, the sweet smell of sunscreen — okay, we miss the beach a little too much.
Have you ever wondered, though, why places like the Hamptons empty out as soon as Labor Day comes? The beaches are still there, the weather is even more pleasant (goodbye humidity!), and a plethora of restaurants and hotels are still open. Plus, since most people don't think of the Hamptons as anything more than a summer destination, the towns are so much more relaxed in the off-season. It's easier to make reservations, hotel rates are lower, crowds everywhere are thinner, and there are some awesome events that happen in the months that follow.
And, while it pains us to reveal our secrets for taking on the Hamptons in the fall, we just couldn't keep them to ourselves. Meet you in Montauk!