5 Things To Know This AM — Oct 27 2010

New York has gone Halloween crazy, and everyone seems to love it except the dolled up puppies. No mind, we know every girl loves a little blue box... (NY Mag)
Rumor has it that the New Museum's "Hell, Yes!" adornment is about to be replaced with a giant rose sculpture. A rose by any other name will still smell as sweet, or will it? (Hyperallergic)
Charlie Sheen was hospitalised after going bonkers in his New York hotel room. We're not particularly surprised. Strike that, we're not even remotely surprised. (The Huffington Post)

Rachel Leigh Cook speaks out against the manipulation of images. She's come a long way since her transformative 'She's All That' days.

It's the moment we've all been waiting for—the Situation's self-help book is now out, creatively called Here's The Situation. Our favorite bit of situational wisdom: "Before any chick gets into my bed I make her slide into a 200-degree Jacuzzi to sterilise any microbial bacteria that might endanger my health," says Mike. (Daily Mail)