You Know What's Not Cool? Halle's Jeweler Spilled Her Engagement News

Oh Halle. We've been there with her through the wrenching heartbreaks, and have really, truly wanted her to find that knight in shining armor. Well, thanks to Glamour, we learned that Olivier Martinez has ridden in on his regal white horse and swept the hottie off her feet with a Gurhan diamond-and-emerald engagement ring. Yay — you know we love love, and this news makes us pretty darn happy.
What we're not sure we're happy about is the fact that she didn't get to announce the news herself — the jeweler spilled to People mag. What do you think? If your man bought a rock and the designer sang it from the mountaintops, would you want to request a refund?
Either way, we are thrilled the duo's Dark Tide set steaminess stuck! The 45-year-old Oscar winner is so smokin' and has a heart of pure gold. It's about time someone valued her good-lookin' goodness.
Photo: Via Glamour.

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