What If You Never Saw Fashion Bloggers’ Faces…

Much like the fashion bloggers you love, Guda Koster carefully documents her outfits, which include ladylike pleated skirts, polka dot prints, and lots of quirky color pairings. But, there’s one very obvious difference between Koster and the fashion-lovers you follow on Instagram: You’ll never see her face.
In her series of photographs called Clothing as Identity Marker, Koster creates surreal ensembles that fall outside the norm of your typical #OOTD selfie. In one image, she’s camouflaged in a gray suit that matches the wall behind her; in another, she crouches inside a skirt so all that's visible of the Dutch photographer are her heels and the crown of her head. 
The series takes into account the way that we use clothing to self-identify, and how our sartorial POV can influence how others perceive us. However, the artist is never technically seen at all; her face is hidden in every frame. “When you can’t see the face, the human figure is dehumanized into a sculpture, and viewers’ attention can stay focused on patterns, fabrics and general atmospheres,” Koster says of her work. Click on for some bizarrely stunning examples of what she means. There may just be a few new styling tricks hidden in the pics, too.

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