Re-Creating New Runway Looks With Only Old Stuff

Fashion is cyclical. That's arguably the most quoted phrase in style circles, and probably one of the least satisfying ones. The idea that fashion exists on a hamster wheel — destined to keep hitting the same spot over and over again — doesn't inspire a ton of confidence that style can be novel, too. But sometimes, retro and revolutionary can go hand-in-hand; take Gucci's latest collection by Alessandro Michele. One of its biggest criticisms is that it's just an amalgamation of Gucci's greatest hits from yore. But the way that it's repackaged is part of what makes it so exciting. Even though the specific look of this chapter of Gucci has become iconic, it's all about the styling, which is to say that you don't need a trust fund in order to buy in on it. You just need access to a great thrift shop.

Stylist Brandy Kraft got bitten by the Gucci bug, and realized that her local vintage stores were a repository of lookalike pieces. Says Brandy, "The Gucci show was HUGELY vintage inspired. We're going back to the original source here, people!" Click through to see the proof, and glean a few thrifting tips from Kraft in the process.

Special thanks to Awoke Vintage and
Mirth for lending space for this shoot.

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