A Bakery That Serves Vintage Clothing, Not Cupcakes

Grand St. Bakery may not be selling sugary confections like you might expect, but the vintage clothing, Danish furniture, and eclectic home goods they serve up are certainly sweet. Owner Neal Mello, formerly a buyer for several big brands, bought up this 25-year-old bakery and decided to keep as much of the building's history intact as possible: old ovens were reborn as dressing rooms, and US Navy rain coats, floral dresses, striped overalls, and deadstock T-shirts from the '80s all hang from baking racks. The store also includes a denim room and a selection of beach essentials, including vintage towels and neon bathing suits that are sure to make you stand out this summer. In the back of the "bakery", former Pamela Love associate Cyd Mullen runs a Brooklyn-based PR service that specializes in jewelry. Currently, her clients include jewelers Suzannah Wainhouse and Mania Mania, whose badass baubles are swoon-worthy. If your vintage-loving hearts aren't already pounding, click through to see pics of the store's interior, expertly shot by Kyle Knodell. Then, hot-step it down to 'Billyburg and check out their amazing wears for yourself. We'll certainly be going—it's calorie free!
602 Grand Street (between Liromer and Leonard streets); 718-387-2390.