Grace Coddington Designs Bag For Balenciaga, Doodles Cats All Over It

While Choupette may be the fashion cat du jour, Pumpkin, Grace Coddington's calico Persian, will always be our favorite. To honor this literal and figurative fat cat, Coddington has lent her doodles to Balenciaga for a limited-edition bag and two scarves to be sold this Fashion's Night Out.
The "Pumpkin" Papier Tote ($1,000) features hand-drawn illustrations of Pumpkin wearing past Balenciaga collections (try and spot those jodhpurs and neck braces from fall '07!). The black and white motif may feel a little Halloween-y, but with a name like Pumpkin and cats as inspirations, did you expect anything less?
Balenciaga will be selling these during Fashion's Night Out in its Los Angeles and New York stores (Grace will personally be at the latter), and 20% of the proceeds will go toward the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons — and, though it is the Hamptons, we doubt that proceeds will go toward buying miniature Balenciaga neoprene skirts and heavy metal sweatshirts for rescued animals, because we know that's what you were thinking. (Hint)