These 20 Pairs Of Glittery Shoes Are So Mesmerizing

Forget financial independence and being able to buy lotto tickets. The very best part about being an adult might be getting to choose when to still be (or dress like) a kid. All things glittery and sparkly have been near and dear to our hearts since our very first bottle of Limited Too nail polish. But just because most of us have graduated to a 9-5 uniform, it definitely doesn't mean we have to adhere to it at all times. That's what weekends and happy hours were made for. Your off-hours closet deserves a kick of shimmery nostalgia, and what better way to express that than with a standout pair of glittery shoes?
The Dorothy ruby slippers you fawned over in the past might be just a bit over the top (though, hey, if you're into them, go for it!), but there are more stylistically mature options on deck. Whether you're the type to rock an ankle-to-toe disco ball, or you're looking for a subtle touch of glitter just on the heel, there's a pair for you. So, shimmy on into the slideshow ahead for a dose of glam.

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