14 Glitzy Accessories That Are Chic, Not Cheap!

We'll be the first to admit it: A spot-on sparkly accessory can be hard to come by. We want festive, fun glamour, but please, hold the cheese. We're not interested in the unsightly glitter that sheds everywhere or tacky rhinestones that harken back to our middle school days. This holiday season, we cut out the leg work for you — don't worry, you'll still have to do plenty of that trying to find a cab on New Year's Eve — and rounded up the prettiest sparkles to pick up now, all over NYC. It's never too early to get into the holiday spirit, or start planning the Perfect Outfit to make you stand out from the Champagne-sipping crowd. And no matter the ensemble, we've got the bags, belts, shoes, and baubles of all kinds, to really help your look sparkle. And hey, if you wanna stack on a few of these at once, we won't try to stop you.
Photo: Via Topshop, Tom Binns, ASOS