Ginnifer Goodwin Has A Real Southern Woman’s Ass And Kate Hudson Loves Her For It

Frenemies, they're most definitely not. Different from the characters they play in their new rom-com Something Borrowed, costars Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson feel nothing but true girly love for each other on the cover of Marie Claire's June issue. Popsugar has the scoop on these two starlets' real feelings for each other and their candid talk about the pressures of losing weight in Hollywood. Glowing and beautiful with a baby on the way, Kate remembers the emotional roller-coaster that came with having to lose the baby weight from her first pregnancy ("I gained so much—at the end, I was 185 pounds."). The adorable pixie-cut Ginnifer chimes in on dealing with her own weight issues: "I am genetically disposed to be a bigger girl than I am. If I didn't live in Hollywood, I would be. I have very real hips and a real Southern woman's ass." Tinseltown can be a cruel, cruel place, girls. Thumbs up to these lovely ladies for giving us the true perspective on the emotional costs of living up to H-wood's unreal expectations.