Culottes That Actually Make Your Legs Look Long? Gigi Hadid Did It

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images.
Whether you consider it a wardrobe staple or not, the culotte has been around for at least half a century. But, even despite its long history, there are people who still consider them too newfangled to wear convincingly. We get it — there are plenty of culottes out there that make us look like we've got baguettes for legs and a potato for a bum. But, for the fashion set, culottes have once again become the perfect workwear go-to for when shorts are too short and pants are too long. If you're looking to take ye olde short-pants beyond your 9-5, Gigi Hadid's outfit from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge premiere might be your answer. While many might steer clear of the culotte because of its ability to shorten your leg-line, Hadid's outfit proves that wrong. Her light-colored top and flesh-toned heels defied the challenging silhouette's reputation: in other words, it gave Gigi an extra six inches of height. The key here is to pick culottes in a bold color so that their eye-catching shape becomes the highlight of the ensemble. It's hard to say that someone like Hadid needs any more of the height-extending magic that comes from a well-balanced color story, but we supermortals sometimes need a little visual trick to keep up. Vertical boosts aside, something as unique as a billowing, cropped pant that looks like a skirt from one angle and pants at another has just the right amount of impact to make anyone feel supermodel fabulous. And even for those shorties out there, that's reason enough.

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