Giant Vintage Offers Up Fun, Retro Sunglasses For Under $25

If you're anything of a klutz like us, then shelling out for "It" shades can prove a chancy investment. After sitting on our beloved Tom Ford "Lauren" glasses, watching our brand-new golden Ray Ban aviators tumble into a California riptide, and leaving our vintage Diane de Carlos in a cab, we've learned the hard way that bargains go a long way in the frames department. Lucky for us, website Giant Vintage specializes in affordable vintage eyewear in a wide variety of colors, styles, and eras to choose from. With prices ranging from $8 to $24, and variations like the '70s "hot dog" or the chola-chic "Loz Feliz" tortoise shell stunners, there's a chance you might be tempted to lose your current shades on purpose just so you can score another pair.

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