Gap’s LoveConnections Are Just Too Adorable

Gap_Post_revised_rd_3Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
As you may have seen, Gap's "Make Love" holiday campaign is all about giving, loving, spreading joy, and being just too darn cute for words (particularly that shot of Connie Britton and her son, Yoby). But, it's an offshoot of "Make Love" that's really bringing the cute this year by tapping into everyone's yen for all those sweet-as-pie missed-connection stories.
So, during the first three weeks of December (until Christmas Eve), Gap will literally be handing out notes from its clothes — in what it's calling LoveConnections (cute, right?) — to unsuspecting folks at places like Barnes & Noble, Aloft Hotels, Southwest Airlines, DreamDry, and Bliss Spa. Yep, out of nowhere, someone might just slip you a card, boarding pass, or even handwritten napkin with a cheery, anonymous note and phone number. If you text it, the mysterious sender will turn out to be a sweater, shirt, pair of jeans, or other piece that's yours at an almost miraculous price point. It's like Missed Connections for textiles. So, yeah, bonkers, but good bonkers.
Since Gap isn't leaving love to chance this season, keep your eyes peeled out for a passed note, card, or tag with a number from a mysterious "friend" over the next few weeks. It might be from a cute plaid shirt and not that guy across the room.

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