The Most Popular Sexy Halloween Costumes Aren’t Terrible

We're firm believers in pulling out all the stops on Halloween and crafting a costume that's the perfect blend of witty, cool, and creative. Call us competitive, but our eyes are on the best dressed prize. And, that doesn't always mean we're wearing an outfit we'd deem sexy. Or, even flattering. But, Yandy is here to prove that hot costumes can be far more creative than just lingerie and mouse ears. Exhibit A: The jellyfish.
According to Yandy — a lingerie site that also sells enticing Halloween gear — the jellyfish is among the most popular costumes on the market, second only to the "Officer Sexy Costume." A scantily clad cop is just about the least clever costume of all but, hey, old habits die hard.
Other winning looks are the sexy lobster and sexy Top Gun ensemble, but we'll argue that none of these are quite as creative as a tutu with streamers that remind us of our biggest aquatic fear. Sure, they're a little less frightening in the form of a mesh bodysuit with boob-eyes.
Click ahead for a round up of Yandy's most popular and revealing getups that are equally as — if not more — bizarre as this one.

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