From Park Fire Comes Sustainable, Wearable Art

Sixty-two artists have come together in Glendale to showcase art created with materials salvaged from Deukmejian Wilderness Park. A fire burned 690 of the park's 709 acres in September 2009 and though we could make countless phoenix comparisons, the ART from the ashes Exhibition really is awesome.
California-born designer and Society For Rational Dress founder Corinne Grassini created a simple white column dress with a dark neckpiece made from the salvaged items. Along with Grassini's piece, the only wearable art, the show has more than 120 works.
The exhibition will raise money for the restoration of the park and is a partnership with the Glendale Parks & Open Spaces Foundation. If you're interested in checking out the sustainable artwork and donating money, an opening reception is being held Saturday from 5-9p.m. and the show continues through July 24.
ART from the Ashes Gallery: 216 S. Brand Boulevard (between East Colorado Street and East Harvard Street); no phone. Tuesday - Sunday 12 p.m - 6 p.m.