Fresh Blooms: Fortune Favors The Brave Changes Things Up For Spring

Fortune Favors The Brave's latest pieces stray a bit from the modern Southwest theme we already know, love, wear, and wear again.
For the Bloom collection, the brand stays true to the casual aesthetic of seasons past, but makes use of an even broader range of materials and patterns. The result: all-purpose pieces that can just as easily take you to a swanky dinner, as they can survive a three-day festival bender.
We see the Bar Mesh Chain Collar easily transitioning from adding a touch of cool to cut-offs and a white T-shirt to toughening a silk jumpsuit –– the polished curb chains and knit mesh panels give this one tons of mileage. That one's our favorite, but the same flexibility factor is a hallmark of the rest of the collection as well. Feast your eyes on the highlights, ahead.
Photo: Courtesy of Will Anderson/Fortune Favors The Brave

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