How One Little (Fendi) Bag Changed Sex And The City Forever

Most of us associate
Sex and the City
with labels, labels, labels — Manolo, Jimmy, Dolce...the list goes on. After the second film (and that infamous $10 million wardrobe), it's easy to forget that the show actually had (relatively) humble beginnings. In Rizzoli's new book, Fendi Baguette, feting the rerelease of six of the Italian house's iconic arm candy (out June 1), Sarah Jessica Parker describes how the little wardrobe department that could became a veritable treasure trove, thanks to one mini handbag. "In the very beginning, [stylist] Patricia Field and her team had to be industrious and creative with a low budget by getting clothes from thrift stores in order to tell interesting fashion stories," Parker writes. "At this time, things were inaccessible and out of reach; Fendi was really the first important design house to loan us items, with the baguette handbag being the first."

SJP goes on to explain that having that Label (with a capital L) influenced her alter ego's style and shopping habits, and set off an influx of designer pieces. "Once Fendi loaned us items, everyone was willing to do so, which helped us dramatically in conveying Carrie's decadence."
For our part, we want to say "Thank you, Fendi!" for being a trailblazer in on-set fashion, and setting off the lavish life of our favorite lovelorn writer. Although some lament the sometimes (okay, always) over-the-top lifestyle of SATC's fictional foursome, it's hard to imagine the show without those fabulous touches. Plus, what else besides the lustrous labels could have turned Sex and the City 2 from groan-inducing to slightly bearable? (Fashionista)

Photo: Via Fashionista