What Your Favorite Children’s Book Says About You

Being a kid can be tough. Between scoring a seat at the cool lunch table, wearing your backpack the right way, and figuring out if someone likes you or “likes you, likes you,” it’s amazing any of us survived with our sanity intact.
The biggest assailants of all, though, were the twisted stories we were told. “Ring Around the Rosy?” Yeah, that was about The Plague. “London Bridge Is Falling Down”? Viking attacks, deadly fires, child sacrifices. (Look it up.)
And, those delightful children’s books our parents read to us while we bounced on their knee? Sure, they may have seemed innocent. But, then again...
Since one of our favorite kids' books Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day opens on the big screen this weekend, we decided to take the opportunity to look at the deep-rooted issues these books may have instilled in us, or perhaps, we simply latched on to.

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