Fashionista, Timo Weiland, And Rebecca Minkoff Want You to Be Successful!

Ever wish someone would just sit you down and give you step-by-step instructions for success? We know the feeling. Enter Fashionista's "How I'm Making It: What It Takes to Be Successful in Fashion" panel discussion. It may not explicitly detail the recipe for making it—if only such a thing existed—but it will demystify the enigmatic fashion industry for those wondering how on earth you break into it. Featuring a roster of emerging fashion leaders and companies such as, Odin, Nellie Partow, Pas de Deux, Rebecca Minkoff, Shipley & Halmos, and Timo Weiland, and moderated by Fashionista's Lauren Sherman and Leah Chernikoff, attendees' ears are sure to be perked at the event, to be held next month at NYU. Snag a ticket for a heavy dose of inspiration, adrenaline, and the chance to get your question answered by one of your fashion idols during the Q&A—oh, and the free swag bag doesn't hurt, either.
December 6, 2010, 7 p.m., Cantor Film Center; 36 East 8th Street (between University and Broadway); 212-998-4100, tickets available here.

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