Would You Pay This Much To Go To A Vera Wang Show?

verawang embedPhoto: Via MBFASHIONWEEK.COM.
It's well known that you can buy almost anything on Craigslist: drunk clowns, doggy diapers, an autographed copy of Plato's Republic... you name it. So it should come as no surprise that there are people out there using the one-stop online shop to shift fashion week tickets.
After all, fashion week tickets are a rare beast because neither stacks of cash nor a ticket broker can gain official access to shows. Despite the media hoopla that surrounds them, fashion weeks are still technically industry events limited to buyers, stylists, editors, photographers, writers and bloggers. There are of course loopholes, like if your name is Rihanna or Kanye, or if you make for particularly exquisite street style fodder due to a penchant for outrageous hats or head-to-toe latex.
What shocks us is the price at which sellers are trying to offload their tickets. A pair for tickets to the Vera Wang show is listed on the site for a hefty $1,600. The seller claims that they "cannot go now for work reasons", which is kind of an odd excuse given that they wouldn't have the ticket in the first place if going to shows wasn't part of their job.
It's unknown whether this is a broke reporter attempting to make an extra buck after blowing their bank balance on a Celine Trapeze, or whether it's simply a scam.
Either way there is a bright side: the Vera Wang show happened yesterday, and at the time of writing the listing for the tickets is still on the site — suggesting that no one was sucker enough to actually shell out for them.