Your Complete Fashion Week Survival Kit

We are now T-minus one day until the start of Fashion Month: Those magical 30 days where fashion people travel around the world, dress in opulent designer clothes, preview the future of fashion, and clink Champagne glasses — often while complaining about how hard it all is.
Granted, it's not exactly digging ditches for a living, but getting through Fashion Week (or weeks) in one piece does take a certain amount of verve. Luckily, even the not-so-fab parts (the constant commuting, filing for deadlines until dawn, having your photo snapped when you're at your most frazzled), can be handled gracefully if you've got the right supplies on hand.
So, click ahead for the 10 essentials guaranteed to get you through Fashion Week in style — and to help you remember that there are worse things than a week-long party.