You Can Thank These Celebs For Your 10 Favorite Fashion Trends

When you get dressed in the morning, do you ever wonder why you wear certain things? There are the obvious reasons, of course. The things you choose to wear are probably flattering on you. You probably like the clothes in your wardrobe (excluding the days when you stand in front of your closet petulantly declaring, “I have nothing to wear”), even if they’re not necessarily the hottest new trends. But trends do sneak their way into your life, whether you notice them or not, and sometimes it’s unclear as to how they actually got there.
Celebrities play a big role in establishing trends and, for better or worse, that blush-colored dress you love so much might be an unconscious nod to Kim Kardashian. Your pile of skinny jeans? They might be attributable to her husband Kanye’s early adoption of the trend. While you may be all about Zara’s range of matching sets, you perhaps haven't considered that Taylor Swift single-handedly revived the two-piece as a wardrobe must. And if you were born after 1999, you might not even know that Kylie Jenner didn’t start the Von Dutch hat…
Ahead, find 10 trends you've probably been wearing, and the celebrities who really made them mainstream.

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