The Dos And Don'ts Of 10 Challenging Trends

Experimenting with a new trend for the first time can be a lot like learning a language. There are plenty of signals that'll get you pinned as a beginner. But, there's a way to turn words into phrases so they really begin to work for you. And, a lilt and tone to adopt so you end up sounding a little more with it than you did on your first day of Spanish class. With trends, you're using color and shape like accents and grammar, all while assimilating a new look into your own sense of style.
Most likely, this season's styles aren't completely foreign — you've probably seen each of them cycle into popularity at least once in your lifetime. What makes them tricky is figuring out how to wear them now without looking like a throwback. Can't quite master the sartorial equivalent of rolling your Rs or conjugating past participles? Follow our primer on the dos and don'ts of 10 tricky summer trends, ahead.

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