8 Oddball Trends We're Betting On This Year

Photo: Courtesy of UNIF.
It's not always easy being an early adopter. When you jump on to trends before they're, well, a thing, you're in for a real treat as soon as you step out in public. Whether combatting perplexed looks on the subway or being served straight-up "WTF?"s from coworkers at the office, it's easy to resent being the first one to wear a trend before anyone else is on board with it. Sure, we live for being the first ones to try anything fashion-related, but the task doesn't always come without questioning.
And, this year is no different for we editors here at R29. Ahead, these are the trends we're putting ourselves out there for this year, because we're betting they'll eventually be big. We may not have the support from our peers just yet, but we're willing to take the chance for all of you to give these fads the kickstarts they need. With high risk comes high reward, right? So, click ahead for the trends our editors are betting on right now — and when these seriously hit the mainstream, don't say we didn't call it.
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