6 Style Blogs And Their Singular Obsessions

Whether it's Disney characters, Muppets, or even cavemen, we love finding a spot-on runway reference that designers probably weren't even intending in the first place. These six blogs, however, take this hobby to the next level, devoting entire sites to their special sources of sartorial inspiration, think Fran Drescher (yes, The Nanny),
Strangers With Candy
, and everyone's favorite babysitter, Claudia Kishi (just to name a few). Read on for more strangely inspirational sites to bookmark now.

"What Claudia Wore" is a site that records the young babysitter's best fashion moments from the book series. For example, "At that meeting she was wearing '50s-style cat's-eye glasses frames, a plastic barrette in the shape of an alligator, a tie-dyed t-shirt, and bell-bottoms." Didn't we spot her in Williamburg last weekend?
Math was never our best subject, but we've always fancied ourselves ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. Fortunately we've found "Fashematics," a blog that uses simple arithmetic to analyze modern fashion. It's a shame they never offered this unit in high school.
"Should Be On the Nanny" showcases designer looks from the runways with Fran Drescher's head photoshopped onto the models' bodies. Oddly enough, most of the outfits seem to look perfect on her. Perhaps Miss Fine was just a bit ahead of her time.
It's no secret that we've always crushed on the nerdy dudes with their skinny khakis and V-neck sweaters. "Nerd Boyfriend" celebrates the stylishly nerdy fellas that we love, and gives shopping suggestions for getting the look just right.
Though Strangers With Candy isn't the subject of every single blog post, her recent Photoshop pairings were too perfect not to recognize here. Boozers, users, and losers—right this way!
We don't usually look to Roseanne Barr for sartorial inspiration, but "Third and Delaware" plucks the fashion highlights from every episode of her show Roseanne. It's a flashback of mostly-'90s fashion moments, like new daddy Dan's lumberjack flannel, and that time Darlene actually wore a dress.

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