Me Caveman, Me Dress Up!

Are you tired of your take-out heavy, exercise-light lifestyle, and want to make a major regimen change? Well, look no further than the
urban caveman movement
, a new health trend that's infesting fitness-conscious Manhattanites. Make like our prehistoric ancestors and try your hand at downing copious amounts of raw meat, playing catch with stones for exercise, and engaging in regular blood-letting (we almost wish we were kidding). But you wouldn't be a complete caveman without the right gear, of course, so we've found you the finest selection of caveman props, from footwear that replicates the sensation of walking barefoot to bracelets made with real mammoth tusks. And you know nothing screams paleolithic quite like your very own loincloth. Hunt and gather these goodies before the next Ice Age cometh.

Above, from left: John Durant, Melissa McEwen and Vladimir Averbukh, members of the Caveman movement, image via the NYT; Where the Wild Things Are X Opening Ceremony Bull Shawl Jacket, $635, available at Opening Ceremony.
Above, from left: Vibram FiveFingers Classic, $75, available at VibramFiveFingers; Brands On Sale Adult Loin Cloth, $19.99, available at Brands On Sale.
Above, from left: In God We Trust Shaving Kit, $30, available at Refinery29Shops; Pamela Love and Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons Mammoth Tusk Bark Cuff, $2950, available at Bona Drag.

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