5 Stylish Interview Outfits To Help You Nab Your Dream Gig

Well, congrats! Your resume's managed to jump through the endless HR hoops (no easy feat these days), and you're officially in the running to nab that dream gig. But, let's not put the cart before the horse here, ladies. You still have to nail the face-to-face — masking those jitters, working your charm, and preaching your strengths — all to a perfect stranger, blind-date style. And, as if prepping for the interrogation of an interview isn't daunting enough, you need to craft an outfit that does your CV and personality justice. (Deep breath.)
Well, we're here to help bear the brunt of that wardrobe burden. Instead of tearing up your closet in a tizzy, click through these head-to-toe interview-worthy ensembles and get ready to copy them. Whether you're itching to desk jockey, auditioning for a commercial, or pursuing a fashion position, we've mustered up five foolproof looks to help bring you happy, salaried news. Just don't forget about us little people when you're making the big bucks!