Our EPIC FNO Guide: Where To Go And Why

Sky-high heels, oversized bags, circulation-compromising skinny jeans—there are a lot of scary things about fashion but nothing (NOTHING) terrifies us more than Fashion's Night Out. It's not that we don't love this get-in-stores, shop-your-face-off initiative (in fact, it's kind of everything we love), but at the very same time, we fear stampedes, open bars drying up, and FNO merch selling out before we even arrive on-site.
And then there's our old ghost, #FOMOFNO. You know, the feeling when you can't be several places at once and it eats you up inside for days? Yeah, us too. So, in order to avoid any shopper's remorse, we're bringing you every worthwhile event that's hit our inbox. But don't worry, if you get confused, you can always just come hang with us at 3.1 Phillip Lim in Soho and Sandro in the West Village. We'll be the ones dressed up…sipping a signature cocktail…browsing the racks. Can't miss us.