Fans Gone Gaga: V Mag Pics Of Lady Gaga’s Die-Hard Little Monsters

Leave it to the inimitable V Magazine to make a potentially played-out subject fresh again. While we saw more than our fair share of Lady Gaga in 2010 (not necessarily a bad thing!), the newest issue of V (that would be V69), aka "The Discovery Issue", gives good Gaga face—a whole lotta Gaga face—in fresh and, umm, sometimes disturbing ways. The collage, entitled "Little Monsters", is the result of an exclusive V online casting call that asked fans to submit their best Gaga-inspired looks. Out of 8,000+ submissions, V editors narrowed it down to the best 200 and compiled a massive editorial homage. Click through for the collage and some of our favorites (including Tranny Gaga, Precious Gaga, Gwen Stefani Gaga, and More-Gaga-than-Gaga Gaga), up close and personal!
V69 hits newsstands Thursday, February 13.