5 Famous Photos Get A Hilarious Makeover

Beyond the borders of every composed photograph are secrets that the viewer can't see. While this is especially true nowadays, what about back when modern editing techniques and shooting tricks weren’t always at the ready? 
In her new series, Context Is Key: Beyond the Frames of Famous Photos, San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein (along with Udemy) takes a closer look at some of history's most recognizable pics and makes some hilarious guesses about what exactly was happening behind the scenes.
"Yes, photographs are reality, but only one person's version of it," she explains. "In our increasingly visual culture, where images carry more power than ever, we need to remember that seeing can no longer be believing. Though I present that notion here in a humorous light, it's an important thing to keep in mind."
Perhaps the Beatles were just crossing the street to get some grub, or Michael Phelps was trying to out-swim Jaws? Click through to see the funny images and read why Rothstein chose each scenario.

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