10 (More) Incredible Audition Tapes You Need To Watch NOW

Back by popular demand, it's audition day! From Jimmy Fallon auditioning for Saturday Night Live to Kristen Bell's casting tape for Forgetting Sarah Marshall to Ed Westwick taking on Gossip Girl, here are 10 unreal audition tapes for your viewing pleasure. Welcome to the casting room.

Who: John Krasinski, Seth Rogen, B.J. Novak, and many, many more
Auditioning For: Various roles on The Office
Why It's Awesome: For the actors who eventually got cast as Pam, Jim, Michael, and the rest of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, there's surprisingly (and amazingly) not much of a difference between their first stab at their respective roles and the characters they ultimately portrayed on the show. Plus, it's rad to see Seth Rogen audition for Dwight.

Who: Miley Cyrus
Auditioning For: Hannah Montana
Why It's Awesome: It's like watching Miley before she was, well, Miley.
Who: Rose Byrne
Auditioning For: Role of Jackie Q in Get Him To The Greek

Why It's Awesome:
She's got perfect comedic timing. She really gets us with the whole "you should move to the sea" bit at the end of the clip.

Who: Ed Westwick
Auditioning For: Role of Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl
Why It's Awesome: Guys, this is what Chuck Bass would sound like without that infamous growly whisper. We're not sure which version we love-hate more.

Who: Russell Brand
Auditioning For: Role of Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Why It's Awesome: We have no idea where Russell Brand ends and where Aldous Snow begins. They're pretty much identical creatures in our mind. Seriously, he's improvising this entire scene, meaning sentences like, "This hotel is a beautiful prison...a gilded cage," just fly out of his mouth instinctively. In short, it's pretty clear no one could have been more perfect in this role.

Who: Kristen Bell
Auditioning For: Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Why It's Awesome: Okay, so she's no Aldous Snow, but Bell's audition still knocks it out of the park.

Who: Jimmy Fallon
Auditioning For: Saturday Night Live
Why It's Awesome: Fallon's way more nervous than we're used to seeing him, but, regardless, his impressions are dead on. Also, try not to laugh at his original character named Arthur Leftsky.

Who: Scarlett Johansson
Auditioning For: Jumanji
Why It's Awesome: ScarJo may have lost out to Kirsten Dunst for this role, but she definitely wins the most awkwardly adorable award.

Who: Audrey Tautou
Auditioning For: Amélie
Why It's Awesome: Full disclosure: We don't speak a word of French. That being said, Tautou's stunning features and wildly animated expressions manage to keep us glued to the screen for the entire two-and-a-half-minute clip. She's just so damn cute.

Who: Henry Thomas
Auditioning For: Role of Elliott in E.T.
Why It's Awesome: Though Thomas' name may be the least recognizable of the bunch, we think this audition blows the rest out of the water. Plus, it's pretty rad to hear Spielberg say, "Okay kid, you got the part," immediately after the scene ends.
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